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Origin Story

When Giovanni Gullo first started buying and developing land for commercial and industrial clients in Elk Grove Village in 1968, he was pursuing a family ambition. 


The story of how Gullo transformed himself from an 18 year old Sicilian-born immigrant to one of the largest industrial and commercial landlords and developers in the Greater O’Hare region has its origins in an inspirational saying passed along from past generations which translates roughly as “a house as small as needed, and land as far as you can see”.


Innovation & Design

“Since the very beginning, I always wanted to create and leave behind my mark”, says Gullo.  In following his company slogan, “Building a Better Image”  Gullo’s style of buildings in the 1970‘s featured large atriums, arches, and columns, reflecting the architecture he was exposed to in the castles of his native Caccamo (Sicily).

You can always spot a Gullo building.  They are renowned for their unique modern architectural designs in prime locations.   “Our experience has been that high-end clients demand a certain image and location for their corporate headquarters.”  “Many other builders just do what someone else decides for them and put up a square box, but we make buildings special.”  says Gullo.

Elk Grove Village Bike Race

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Building a Better Image

Gullo International is one of Chicagoland's largest privately owned real estate development companies. Committed to complete customer satisfaction, Gullo is a fully integrated real estate company that owns a diversified portfolio of primarily industrial properties throughout the Chicago, O'Hare market.

Gullo has built over 25 million square feet over his long career and continues to be well positioned in this competitive O’Hare market. “To me, the best opportunities are right here.  Investing in properties next to one of the busiest international airports in the world gives us a special edge”, says Gullo.       


Community Building

Aside from land, bricks and mortar, Gullo is a founding and influential member of the Elk Grove Business Park Revitalization Committee formed in 1996, whose mission is to update, improve and beautify the Industrial Business Park to keep up with today’s demands.  

Gullo finds the time to give back to his community and happily sponsors various village events including the Tour of Elk Grove International Bike Race.  He is a founder and Chairman to the Elk Grove Village Italian Sister Cities program that has seen huge success and recognition for their many exchanges, specifically the high school student exchange program, with their counterpart city of Termini Imerese, Sicily. 

Chicago Columbus Day Parade

Chicago Columbus Day Parade
Italian Sister Cities
Elk Grove Village, USA
Termini Imerese, Italy
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